Młoda Polska Store

Młoda Polska

Młoda Polska is a fashion store that promotes Polish design clothes. It is located in the prestigious location of Mysia 3 in Warsaw and has already cooperated with big names such as Arkadius and Jacob Birge. We have cooperated with Młoda Polska in two areas: creating visuals for the fashion shows and building the webpage.

The design of the webpage reflects the minimalistic philosophy of the brand.

We have made sure that the mobile version is as user friendly as the web version.


Our projects for the event Secret Fashion Night: invitations, brochures, leaflets and media wall.


For the fashion store located at Mysia3 in Warsaw we have prepared vouchers, brochures and clothes hangers.

Photo credits: facebook.com/mlodapolskastore and instagram.com/mlodapolska

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